is a Mobile & Cloud Telephony Hosted PBX App,integrated with Cloud based CRM

Enabling Sales,Marketing & Service teams 4 HyperGrowth

Be able to identify who your caller is and match them to the right agent to handle inquiries. With intelligent call routing, you can increase proper matching so that your clients can talk to the customer representative best qualified to address their questions.
This functionality tracks inbound calls based multiple metrics such as geo location , sources, inbound calls converted , cost of per call , and Marketing dollars spend vs ROI. platform facilitates the Implementation of a virtual sales team or home based agents by dialing outbound receiving inbound calls easily and seamlessly integrated within sales force platform
Connect the time that your marketing generates leads with the time that these leads become ready for sales. With the lead management services, you can turn leads to actual clients!
Motivate your sales personnel with the sales credit score service! It facilitates activities and quotas reached to know who will be given incentives. So boost the sales motivation of your sales force now!
Make sure to boost the performance of your employees with the use of incentive management! Discover how this feature will motivate efficiency in your employees’ production and output.
Who we are is a pioneer in providing high quality and experienced CRM services that is geared towards boosting employee motivation and productivity,


better client call experience and increased customer satisfaction as well as increased sales for your company.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we employ highly skilled programmers to handle your software service needs. What’s more, our company is lead by a highly seasoned CRM expert, who has been in this line of industry for more than 3 decades.

Experience the best software services you can have when you contact Our experienced and friendly customer representatives are always available to answer any queries you may have.

Clients Testimonials
" truly is remarkable! My company contracted them for their CRM expertise and asked them to have Lead 2 Phone and Sales Credit Score software. These two brought about spectacular results for our company. The first generated more customers for us and the second motivated our sales personnel to outdo their previous sales performances. All of which brought in more profits for our company. Two thumbs up to the SalesAngel company and staff!"

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